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The library (also known as the Centre for Innovation and Learning) supports the educational program providing access to a range of instructional and recreational materials.

Centre for innovation and learning (CIL)

Our library, or the Centre for Innovation and Learning (CIL), has had a face-lift to appeal to 21st century learners. 

Books are always at hand, but also available are kindles with e-books, and banks of laptops and computers. We open at 8am every morning and students are welcome to use the space for personal work. 

Closing times are published on the front door and vary according to after school activities. Popular free clubs operate throughout the week and we are always delighted to see new members:

Monday: Chess Club and Book Club during lunchtime, Homework Club 3.15pm to 4.00pm

Tuesday: open at lunchtime for general use

Wednesday: closed lunch 1, open lunch 2

Thursday: closed lunch 1, open lunch2, Homework Club 3.15pm to 4.00pm

Friday: open at lunchtime for general use

Students can search the CIL catalogue through the student portal and resources may be borrowed for two weeks at a time.