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Textiles technology

Students are encouraged to develop their skills in designing and producing innovative fashion items, as well as experiment with fibres and fabrics and learn clothing construction using commercial patterns. Students are given the opportunity to manipulate and modify patterns to reflect their creativity.

Davidson High School has two well equipped textile rooms which cater for this increasingly popular subject. Our rooms feature modern sewing machines, overlockers and computerised embroidery machines.

The following skills are developed during this two year course:

  • problem solving
  • fashion drawing
  • researching
  • practical textiles skills.

Students will complete the following units of study:

Year 9

  • creative quilts
  • sleepwear - onesies
  • sensational skirts

Year 10

  • creative corsets
  • free choice of design
  • wearable art

Textiles and design

This course investigates textiles in society and promotes a greater understanding of the significance of different cultures and their specific use of textile materials. During the preliminary course students develop practical skills in the construction of a corset as well as a free choice item. They will also investigate the science and technology of textiles through a study of properties and performance.
The creative design process is examined to incorporate both functionality and aesthetics. The course offers students the opportunity to explore advances in technology, current issues facing the industry and employment opportunities. 
At the end of Year 12 students will develop a major textiles project which will give them an understanding of the processes of project work undertaken in industry, from planning to completion.

Year 11                                        

  • design: elements and principles
  • properties and performance of textiles: examining fabrics, yarns and fibre
  • Australian textile, clothing, footwear and allied industries: an industry overview examining quality of textiles

Year 12                                          

  • design: culture study, designer investigation, fabric colouration and historical design development
  • properties and performance of textiles: end use applications and innovations and emerging technologies
  • Australian textile, clothing, footwear and allied industries: current issues, the marketplace and environmental sustainability.

Project work

Project work is an important component of textiles technology. For each unit of work students will complete a textiles item and document the design process. Students may present their documentation in the format of their choice, including a digital portfolio, design portfolio, diary, journal or workbook.