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Industrial technology automotive

Students who study this course during Years 9 and 10 will learn many of the basic aspects of a road vehicle. 

Safety is a primary concern with this course, as much of the work will involve working with machinery, tools and a vehicle. Students are required to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for this work.

Year 9 topics

  • different types of engines: 4-stroke, 2-stroke and diesel
  • fuel systems: combustion, petrol, fuel pump, carburettor, air filter
  • electrical systems: spark plugs, ignition and timing
  • chassis and related components: the major components including wheels and suspension
  • industry links: careers in the industry and new and emerging technologies
  • the impact of the automotive industry on society and the physical environment

Year 10 topics

  • transmissions: manual and automatic
  • properties of oil
  • pumps and filters
  • cooling systems: air and coolant (water)
  • design a major project using the principles of design

Practical aspects of the course involve the students disassembling a small engine to learn about the various parts, how to clean correctly, adjust the machine and then reassemble the engine to use.

Students will also have an opportunity to partly disassemble car engines to learn about the internal parts and their workings. Students will develop a folio for this course. Students will also gain the following skills and knowledge:

  • how to use the metal-turning lathe
  • how to design and construct a remote-controlled vehicle with an electric motor
  • about Oxy-acetylene welding in Year 9
  • about MIG welding in Year 10