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Industrial technology timber

Industrial technology is a subject where students are presented with an opportunity to design and develop real projects that display the student's abilities in designing, planning, constructing and evaluating.

Davidson High School students are provided with large, organised wood working workshops equipped with a diverse range of essential wood working tools and machinery to satisfy student needs when constructing their projects. 

The Year 11 course is divided into specific units that are intended to prepare all students for the planning, implementation and documentation of their chosen HSC (Higher School Certificate) major work. Students also develop an understanding of the timber industry and related technologies as well as with the tools and tool handling techniques and applications required during the production phases of the course.

A significant part of the Year 12 HSC course is focused on the designing, planning, production, documentation and construction of the major work. We are also committed to developing student skills and knowledge of the course content in preparation for the HSC examination.