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Volunteering at school

Helping out at school is a great way to get involved in your child’s education as well as get to know the staff and other parents and carers.

Research shows that children benefit when their parents or carers are actively involved in their education and school life.

You can help by:

  • volunteering on sports days
  • helping supervise excursions
  • getting involved in fundraising activities
  • joining school committees.

Canteen volunteer

Volunteer mums and dads are very welcome. Helping in the canteen is a great way to find out more about school and make new friends. Your commitment can be as little as once a month. Please phone our canteen manager, Linda Humphrey , on (02) 9451 1552.

Uniform shop volunteer

Please call if you would like to volunteer. Uniform shifts are quick and easy from 8am to 9am each Wednesday. Call Tina on (02) 9451 1552.