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Years 7 to 10

In the science faculty we aim to engage and challenge all students to maximise their talents and capabilities for lifelong learning of science. 

Year 7 topics

  • working safely in the science laboratory
  • mixtures and separation method
  • particles of matter
  • life forms and classification
  • energy: transformation, heat, sound and light
  • forces
  • machines
  • the solar system

Year 8 topics

  • living world: cells, systems and human health
  • chemical world: elements, compounds and chemical change
  • earth and space: rocks, minerals and earth's structure.
  • physical world: energy

Essential secondary science assessment (ESSA)

Essential Secondary Science Assessment (ESSA) is a mandatory science assessment program for Year 8 students that provides information about knowledge, skills, values and attitudes of our secondary students. The ESSA test is an interactive multimedia assessment called ESSAonline.

Year 9 topics

  • physical world: energy and waves
  • earth and space: universe
  • living world: ecosystems and sustainability
  • chemical world: atoms and the periodic table
  • living world: co-ordination of systems and disease.

Year 10 topics

  • earth and space: plate tectonics and global issues
  • chemical world: reactions and products
  • physical world: energy, electricity and efficiency
  • living world: evolution and genetics
  • physical world: project-based learning motion

Practice homework

A variety of activities from the text book or other resource supplied by the teacher to support and/or extend the work in class.

Preparatory homework

Read the text book or other resource on the topic being studied in class. To prepare for future exams, it is recommended that students:

  • read their class notes and summarise the key points made in the class
  • complete any class work and paste in any worksheets as required
  • practise spelling of scientific words and learn their meanings.


All year groups will complete three formal assessment tasks in science. Each task will differ in format and cover a range of outcomes and skills in science.

Students will receive notification of the task date and format to be able to prepare effectively at home. If students do not hand tasks in on time and without appropriate written reason they will lose 5% of their marks a day for 5 days after which a student will receive 0.

It is expected that students will discuss with their teacher before the hand in date if extra time is needed, otherwise this will be considered as failing to hand in a task.

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